Four Shooters Of Lawrence Bishnoi And Aman Sahu Gangs Arrested, Came To Raipur To Target Businessmen

Four Shooters Of Lawrence Bishnoi And Aman Sahu Gangs Arrested, Came To Raipur To Target Businessmen

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) : Raipur Police arrested four shooters of the dreaded Lawrence Bishnoi Gang and Aman Sahu Gang. Police has arrested three of them from Raipur and one from Rajasthan. These shooters had come to Chhattisgarh with the intention of killing a businessman. Raipur Police seized a pistol, an empty magazine and four mobile phones from them.

Raipur IG Amresh Mishra, addressing a press conference, said that the police have arrested the four shooters after a 72-hour operation. These shooters are members of the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang and Aman Sahu Gangs. Raipur Police conducted an operation in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh continuously for 72 hours after which this success was achieved.

The arrested shooters are identified as Rohit Swarnkar, aged 26; Mukesh Kumar, 26; Devend, 20, and Pappu Singh, 31.

Extortion: The four shooters arrested by Raipur police belong to Jharkhand and Rajasthan. Shooter Rohit Swarnkar is a resident of Bokaro in Jharkhand. Mukesh Kumar, Devendra Singh and Pappu Singh are residents of Pali district in Rajasthan. These shooters are linked to gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and Aman Sahu gang. These four used to get input from Mayank Singh, who is close to both these gangs. After which they used to carry out criminal activities. In this, extortion was the most common work.

"All the shooters used to extort money from the coal traders. If the coal traders refused to pay the extortion amount, these four shooters would kill them. They all had reached Raipur with similar intentions. Chhattisgarh Police had already got wind of this. After this, the ACB team started looking for these accused. After investigation, all four were arrested", said IG Amresh Mishra.

Operating from Malaysia: After investigation, Raipur police revealed that all four shooters were operating from Malaysia through their masters. Aman Sahu's gang was currently being operated by Mayank Singh from Malaysia. This gang carries out incidents like murder on the orders of Lawrence Bishnoi and Aman Sahu. Mayank Singh operates the gangsters from Malaysia on the basis of the instructions received from Lawrence Bishnoi and Aman Sahu.

Gang used code words: The gangsters used to carry out crimes using code words. In the interrogation, these accused have accepted that they have worked for Lawrence Gang and Aman Sahu Gang. IG Amresh Mishra said that recruitment of criminals in these gangs is happening in jail itself and gangsters use social media from jail itself to recruit youngsters.

"Apart from this, they use the app for communication. From where no evidence can be found. So that when they are caught, their conversation does not reach the police and they escape. It is a matter of luck that we caught these four at a time as they were not able to delete much of the information. By the way, there is also an option of auto delete in that app. We have got a lot of data from these accused, we will investigate on that," the IG said.

Amresh Mishra said that some money transactions have also been detected and it is being investigated whether this money was sent to them to reach Chhattisgarh or they would have received it after the given work was done. "Our investigation is going on this angle. They were planning to carry out some incidents in Chhattisgarh. They definitely had some targets. One incident has already happened last year. There were other new groups as well. I cannot name them. The good thing is that all the people of the gang were planning to carry out a big incident and were caught. Its coordinator has not been caught yet. The search is on," the IG said.


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