Elvish Yadav case: Recovery of 'red diary' likley to offer vital clues to police

Elvish Yadav case: Recovery of 'red diary' likley to offer vital clues to police

New Delhi/Noida: The Elvish Yadav case related to sleazy rave parties and the supply of snake venoms in those gatherings has taken a new twist with the recovery of a 'red diary' which is likely to give some more vital clues to cops.

The police team which is investigating the issue said the 'red diary' at the behest of accused Rahul, who was taken on remand for organising those 'forbidden' rave parties and supplying snake venom in those gatherings.

Police said there are mentions of snake, venom, snake charmer, trainer, bookings, mobile numbers and revellers in those parties. It is claimed that the diary also contains complete details of the discussion between Elvish and singer Fazilpuria. After cops analyse the secrets, the troubles of Elvish and singer Fazilpuriya are likely to increase.

Soon after he recovered the diary, a meeting was called on the matter at the Police Commissioner's office on Tuesday. All the documents related to the diary were checked and discussed by officials and a strategy was devised.

According to the information, Elvish has no direct contact with Rahul, but there is mention of many parties organised for Elvish in the diary. The diary also mentions how many snakes of which category were taken to the party.

The Noida Police found a strong link in the case in the form of a diary, sources said. Police started collecting CDR of the mobile number written in the diary. Officials claim that the diary will serve as important evidence for the case.

The police formed two teams to confirm the information found in the diary. The Forest Department is investigating the matter in coordination with the police. The poison recovered from the snake charmers has been sent for investigation by the police department on the orders of the court.


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