'Free Insulin': Delhi AIIMS initiative for poor diabetics on account of World Diabetes Day

'Free Insulin': Delhi AIIMS initiative for poor diabetics on account of World Diabetes Day

New Delhi: On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, AIIMS Delhi, the country's largest hospital has decided to provide free insulin injections to patients grappling with diabetes. The inauguration ceremony, led by AIIMS Director Professor M Srinivas, took place at the New Rajkumari Amrit Kaur OPD Complex in the national capital on Tuesday.

This commendable endeavour primarily targets economically disadvantaged patients, who struggle to afford the often costly insulin injections necessary for their regular treatment. The newly established facility operates in all AIIMS OPDs where patients prescribed with insulin by a doctor receive a complimentary vial of this vital medication.

Amrit Pharmacy, in response to this initiative, has set up two convenient centres within the AIIMS campus, specifically within the New Rajkumari Amrit Kaur OPD Building complex.

Operating from 9 am to 5 pm every day, this facility allows patients to collect their free insulin injections by presenting the doctor's prescription. The insulin distribution counter, in addition to dispensing medication, provides oral and written instructions in both Hindi and English for the convenience of the patients. Essential advice on the proper storage and maintenance of insulin injections is also offered, addressing the specific needs of those who must travel long distances to reach AIIMS or hail from remote areas.

Recognising the significance of maintaining the efficacy of insulin injections, particularly during transportation, the facility takes special care to pack the insulin vials with ice packs. This ensures that the temperature remains within the prescribed standards, safeguarding the potency of the medication.

In the initial phase, patients are furnished with a one-month dosage, and the prescribing physician explicitly notes that no vials will be directly provided to the patient. Instead, the insulin distribution centre takes charge of supplying these crucial medications.

The facility plans to extend the initial one-month supply to three months, thereby alleviating the burden on patients, who depend on this life-sustaining medication. This laudable initiative at AIIMS not only addresses the financial challenges faced by economically disadvantaged diabetes patients, but also emphasises the importance of education on proper insulin storage and usage.


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