Burqa-clad woman shot dead in Bihar's Muzaffarpur, murder caught on cam

Burqa-clad woman shot dead in Bihar's Muzaffarpur, murder caught on cam

Muzaffarpur (Bihar): Highlighting the poor security situation in the state, a burqa-clad woman fell victim to a deadly attack on Tuesday night when she was shot dead by miscreants who fled away on a bike soon after committing the dastardly crime.

The incident unfolded on Chandwara Ali Mirza Road, located within the jurisdiction of the Nagar police station in Muzaffarpur district in Bihar, and was captured in detail by a nearby CCTV camera.

CCTV video shows the victim, who was later identified as Sajid Afrin, 35, walking when a man with a helmet on his head follows her and shoots her in the head from behind. The woman falls flat apparently dying on the spot. The man then rushes to his bike-borne accomplice waiting nearby and both flee from the spot.

The audacious attack has raised concerns over the prevailing security situation. Reports indicate that a series of incidents have rattled urban areas, with criminals seemingly growing more emboldened. The incident sent shockwaves in the area, prompting a swift response from residents and law enforcement.

A crowd quickly gathered at the scene, adding to the chaos already unfolding among the victim's family members. The Town Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and officials from the city police station promptly arrived to investigate the matter. During their examination of the crime scene, a shell casing was discovered as crucial evidence.

The victim's body was subsequently taken into custody and transported to Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital for post-mortem examination. The incident was captured by a nearby CCTV camera, providing leads for investigators. The footage shows two assailants on a motorcycle carrying out the attack, leaving no room for doubt about the circumstances surrounding Sajida Afrin's death.

Preliminary information suggests that the victim had recently undergone physiotherapy treatment and was on her way home. It was during her return journey that the assailants, riding on a bike, approached her from behind and fired the fatal shot. After the heinous act, the culprits fled from the scene. Multiple police stations have dispatched personnel to the incident site as outrage mounted among relatives of the deceased and local residents.

Authorities are now thoroughly examining the CCTV footage to gather additional evidence that could lead to the identification and capture of the culprits. When questioned about the incident, ASP Town Awadhesh Dixit said, “The murder took place in the city police station's jurisdiction. A special team from the District Investigation Unit (DIU) is actively involved in the ongoing investigation. Initial findings suggest a possible link to a land dispute, but the police are meticulously examining all aspects of the case to unravel the full truth behind this shocking incident”.


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